Primobolan : Benefits

Competitive athletes concentrate on muscle development, and Primobolan is an oral steroid which allows the competitor to improve their capabilities on the playing field by maximizing enough time they spend preparing for the competition. Like a legal anabolic steroid, Primobolan is a key enhancer in the world of competitive sports. Primobolan is a methenolone acetate. Methenolone is a steroidal hormone, and acetate means the steroid is mounted on what is called an ester, that allows the steroid to be studied orally.

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Currently, Primobolan is merely stated in Europe by Schering, a German pharmaceutical company. Originally, the methenolone steroidal hormone was discovered for development by the United States pharmaceutical company, Squibb in 1962. Squibb developed two versions of the methenolone steroid under the names Nibal and Nibal Depot. Nibal was like the current Primobolan, meaning it was intended for oral administration. The Nibal Depot, however, was an injectable form of the steroid. Squibb produced Nibal in both forms for medical use, nonetheless they dropped Nibal for more profitable pharmaceuticals.

When Schering purchased the rights to methenolone, they determined a market for the steroid. Schering, like Squibb, did produce both oral and injectable versions of Primobolan. In 1993, Schering discontinued production of the injectable version, realizing there is greater profit in focusing their marketing and production solely on Primobolan as a methenolone acetate.

As with other things we put into our bodies, you want to understand what the huge benefits are, specially when hours are spent in the fitness center every day. To comprehend the benefits from Primobolan, a quick examination of those it can help beyond the gym is necessary:

Primobolan effective treats people experiencing malnutrition.
Those experiencing wasting diseases.
And premature infants as well as underweight children.
With this in mind, it is understandable why so many athletes prefer Primobolan.

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Primobolan maximizes protein synthesis, meaning an athlete has got the most from the food their putting into their bodies. Furthermore, Primobolan really helps to build lean body mass. Someone using Primobolan won’t ‘bulk up,’ nevertheless they are certain to get stronger. As the muscle is developed, Primobolan also increases weight loss. Finally, Primobolan significantly escalates the immune system. This permits the user to remain healthier longer, this means additional time getting stronger.

Every pharmaceutical has possible side effects, and Primobolan is not any different than others in this regard.

Testosterone Production

All anabolic steroids become testosterone suppressors. With regards to the dosage and amount of time that Primobolan is utilized will have a direct impact on the athlete’s testosterone production. While both male and female athletes can use Primobolan to great effect, only male athletes should think about taking the required estrogen supplements to ensure they don’t suffer an extended time frame before their testosterone returns to normal levels post-Primobolan use.


This side-effect applies to men and women who use Primobolan, although the effects vary from individual to individual, depending upon the individual’s physiology and the body’s natural tendency toward certain traits. In men, those who tend toward acne can suffer acne outbreaks which range from mild to severe. Also, any male who has a maternal history of male-pattern baldness can expect increased hair thinning. Men and women can expect to see increased body hair growth, and women, subsequently, have been recognized to have problems with clitoral enlargement and a deepening with their voice.


Since an anabolic steroid is altering the physical makeup of the athlete, there are naturally occurring psychological side-effects. Greater or lesser levels of a chemical can drastically change a person, and this risk will there be when additional anabolic steroids are introduced. Careful administration of Primobolan can help the athlete recognize any unwanted psychological changes, and adapt their anabolic steroid regimen as necessary. A number of the side-effects of increased anabolic steroid intake range from:

Mood swings
Cognitive impairment
Violent behavior
Dependence (on the anabolic steroid)
Withdrawal (when stopping the steroid immediately)
While a person may not suffer any of these common side-effects of anabolic

steroid usage, especially since Primobolan is such a mild steroid, the opportunity of the effects must be considered.

Dosage for men and women can vary, which is definitely not the same for both sexes. It is recommended that men take Primobolan for a maximum amount of 8 weeks at the same time. During this time period, the maker suggested dose for medicinal purposes ranges between 100 – 150mg each day, and it’s been reported that those athletes using Primobolan to increase performance have found appreciable results recover same dosage.

Unlike men, women should take Primobolan for a maximum amount of 4 – 6 weeks, with 6 being the cut-off point. Unfortunately, Schering will not specify how much Primobolan a female should take, but female athletes who have used the steroid report positive results with 25 – 50mg doses each day.

For optimized results, you can stack Primobolan with Dianabol

Moderation is the main element to anything, particularly when it involves developing the body so you is capable of doing better, whether that performance is on the playing field, or in the arena of competitive bodybuilding.

It is important to remember that the benefits of anabolic steroid use are extensive, but that poor self-administration of the steroids can lead to significant health insurance and mental medical issues.

That is why Primobolan is certainly an outstanding choice when you choose to have a performance-enhancing drug. As the possible side-effects are few, the huge benefits are many. Being a legal anabolic steroid, made by a big, well-known and reputable pharmaceutical company, there are significant safety measures put in spot to help athletes achieve optimum results from the efforts they placed into their physical development.

Primobolan, like other things, can be counterfeited, so make certain you get your Primobolan only from a reputable dealer. The body is a temple; you don’t want to destroy what you’ve built by using cheap materials.